Stacey Widlitz


How do the retailers that snapped up market share in 2020 grab even more of it? How do those who lost share get back into the game? What do retailers need to get on their radar for 2021? In this live keynote session to kick off market week, advisor Stacey Widlitz will lay out the opportunities and unforeseen pitfalls facing the retail sector. A former Wall Street Executive turned Entrepreneur, Stacey is the Founder and Chief International Store Hunter of SW Retail Advisors, a data-driven Independent Research Firm with offices in London and NYC. She also spent a decade as a CNBC TV Retail Analyst and is a recognized top influencer in the industry.

Stacey Widlitz2021-02-04T15:57:56-05:00

Farooq Kathwari


CEO, Ethan Allen

Farooq Kathwari2020-10-29T16:55:37-04:00

Todd Wanek


CEO, Ashley Furniture Industries

Todd Wanek2020-10-29T16:54:28-04:00

Doug Stewart


Author of ?5-1/2 Mentors: How to Learn, Grow and Develop From Everyone and Everything"

Doug Stewart2020-10-29T15:54:34-04:00

Eric Hutchinson


Co-Founder of Resident

Eric Hutchinson2020-11-03T12:54:47-05:00

Jonathan Johnson


CEO, Overstock

Jonathan Johnson2020-10-29T15:52:29-04:00

Niraj Shah


CEO, Wayfair

Niraj Shah2020-10-29T15:51:23-04:00

Christiane Lemieux


Founder, Dwell Studio and The Inside

Christiane Lemieux2020-10-29T15:30:15-04:00

Kurt Darrow


CEO, La-Z-Boy

Kurt Darrow2020-10-29T14:49:42-04:00
  • Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown


Kevin Brown?s unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking.

Kevin Brown2020-09-27T16:03:30-04:00
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